About the company. Who we are?

Flight Safety Information Technologies

The "Flight Safety Information Technologies" LLC (FSIT) is a company specializing in the development and delivery of software and hardware for readout, processing and analyzing of the flight recorders data, as well as technologies aimed at investigating accidents and incidents, maintaining safe operation of aviation equipment as an integral part of the Flight Safety Management Systems (SMS).
The main products of “ITBP” LLC is the software package for processing of flight information WinArm32 and its components, readout modules, express-analysis software modules, data analysis within FDM / FDA programs, maintenance of safe fleet operation, data visualization.
WinArm32 is a high-tech dynamically developing software and hardware product, competitive in the Russian and world markets. Constant support, the release of updates and additions to the software package, provide him with leading positions in the market in the field of innovation and an integrated approach to the problem of ensuring the flight safety.
WinArm32 fully supports all Microsoft operating systems supported by the vendor, such as Windows XP/ 7/ 8/ 10.
The WinArm32 software package is a product with an open architecture in terms of developing and upgrading Data Frames, lists of registered parameters, algorithms for express analysis, which earned well-deserved respect from design bureaus, repair and overhaul plants, large airlines.
Providing the possibility of instant synchronization of various information flows, including voice recorders, is unique, both for the Russian and foreign markets.
The software complex provides a wide range of tasks to improve the flight safety level as part of the FDM / FDA / FOQA programs as part of the SMS, enabling the accumulation and statistical analysis of processed data.
FSIT is very constructive in responding to criticism and requests from customers, promptly making changes to the algorithms for rapid data analysis of various aircraft, developing new information processing tools, such as data output for monitoring programs for degradation of aircraft and engine’s characteristics (for B-737, A-320 and etc.), evaluation of the parameters of the engines (B-737, ATR-42/72 and etc.), maintaining the airworthiness of Ka-32, Mi-8, Mi-26 helicopters, etc.
FSIT provides information and technical support to airlines, design offices, accident investigation agencies and incidents in the field of data processing and analysis of airborne recorders.
A flexible pricing policy of the FSIT allows companies to save substantial funds in purchasing the FDA/FDM product fully in compliance with the national and ICAO regulations by customizing and scaling the product exactly to feet the requirements of the customer, considering the size of the business, fleet size and staff number.