The WinArm32. Delivery variants
  • The WinArm32 software package is delivered as an installation kit ready for use on the Customer's personal computers. Together with the software, you receive keys for protection against unauthorized use. At the request of the customer, the complex can also be delivered together with a personal computer, laptop or a protected (rugged) laptop. Also, the delivery package may include readout modules with interface cables. In accordance with the needs of the customer, the system can be supplied in different versions:

    • Professional Kit (Pro) is a full version of the program designed for developers of express-analysis algorithms, as well as for experienced users interested in expanding the functionality of the information processing system and improving the program for monitoring the operation of aviation equipment, including within the FDM / FDA programs / FOQA. Using this kit, the user can access absolutely all the functions of the program, including the ability to develop new and modify existing algorithms for express-analysis (FDA).
    • Standard Kit (Std) is the most commonly used kit. In this configuration, the function of developing and modifying the express-analysis algorithms is not available, although it is possible to execute algorithms supplied with the system. The user also has the ability to build flight paths and use all other capabilities of the system. Access to the resources (functions) of the program is determined by the system administrator, which specifies the names of users and their passwords, and also determines the order of access, depending on the level of the user.
    Network Kit (NET) is designed for large business with personal computers, integrated into the local computer network and provides full licensed use of the software complex on 10 computers of the Customer simultaneously in the functional version of Standard.