The WinArm32. Overview


The WinArm32 software is a package of software for the automated readout, processing, analysis and presentation of the flight recorders data implemented for IBM-compatible PC running MS Windows XP/ 7/ 8/ 10.
The WinArm32 software package can be used to copy information from FDRs and to work with parametric flight information using third-party means of readout and processing of the data.
The information readout from the tape-based FDRs is available via the portable data input module with a USB interface that does not require the installation of interface cards in a personal computer and allows processing information of all magnetic tape-based FDRs manufactured in the USSR and Russia.
The complex allows processing information of modern solid-state recorders of different designers and manufacturers.
The user can customize a large number of elements of the program interface and select a language (Russian or English).
The program is officially included in the "Register of Special Software for Flight Information Processing Systems Permitted for Use in Aviation Enterprises of the Russian Federation" (letter of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation dated July 12, 04, # 5.10 - 84HA).
The WinArm32 provides the customer with a solution fully compatible with the ICAO and IATA standards and acceptable as an essential instrument within the airliners SMS by civil aviation administrations.
Unlike some brand-dependent competitors the WinArm32 provides the customer with an unbiased approach to the flight safety and airworthiness issues, covering all the fleet of the customer and making available going up without new significant funding while fleet expanding or business model changes.

Providing the necessary functional minimum for such systems, the WinArm32 complex has a number of undeniable competitive advantages.