The WinArm32. Advantages

The system is built as a universal complex system that can cover almost all the operator's needs for processing of the FDR information. The system allows you to process the information of the vast majority of FDRs, regardless of the country of design and manufacture and the type of aircraft or helicopter on which the FDR is installed. The complex solves the whole complex of tasks, starting from the information readout, ending with automated processing, express analysis, statistical processing of data and presentation of presentable material.


The system is opened in terms of development and editing of cycloramas (databases) of aircraft, as well as the creation and completion of express-analysis algorithms.
Development of express-analysis algorithms is carried out with the help of a convenient and intuitive interpreter of algorithms, which even a person without programming skills can master.
The dynamic bilingual graphical interface (Russian and English) of the program, the variety and convenience of the forms of information output in graphic and digital form, are still beyond competition.
Flight data and work results are available for export in standard formats of information provision.


The user is given the opportunity to calculate the flight path in the vertical and horizontal planes with overlaying cartographic information and using the complete navigation database of airports, navigation points and routes, entering their own calculation parameters.
The data format has been implemented to display the flight path in conjunction with the Google Maps© geo-information and also in the Google Earth™ application.
The possibility of viewing the flight-related meteorological information METAR has been introduced.
The ability to use MS Flight Simulator 2004™ and X-Plane in conjunction with WinArm32, as a full-fledged 3D flight demonstrator (optional), is our know-how and makes the system unique in realism and unparalleled.
WinArm32 - the only complex in the CIS area, capable of processing information in the ARINC-767 data format of the Boeing 787 aircraft.


Support work both in a local network with a single database of accumulated flight information, and with a remote server. System of archiving and data exchange via e-mail or FTP.
The ability to accumulate rapid analysis results in the database with a single click (optional) makes the system complete and satisfies the requirements of ICAO FDM / FDA / FOQA programs, providing the operator with the ability to statistically analyze data and develop measures to improve flight safety and improve flight operations and operation of aviation equipment, both on the basis of standard criteria, and using their own approaches and algorithms for secondary automated data processing.


Work is carried out with various data formats imported from the files of FDRs designed by companies NPO "PRIBOR", OKB "Aviaavtomatika", JSC "Izmeritel", Honeywell, L3 Communications, Avionica, Universal Avionics, Teledyne, SFIM, ....
The format of the FDRED data exchange (ARINC 647A-1) has been implemented.
Fast synchronization of various information streams, including textual information, with convenient display on the screen and the printer is ensured.
It supports the import and synchronization of audio information with the ability to bind text "radio" for complex analysis of flights and analysis of the development of special situations.


The system provides protection against unauthorized access at the password level, as well as at the hardware level using HASP keys. Flight data can also be encrypted using the same keys, which makes their receipt by third parties useless and protects the information from undesirable use. The deidentification of the data is supported as well.


The functionality of the complex is fully documented, the user's guide is available on the WinArm website.
During the year the system receives about 5 essential updates and additions.
System updates are obtained automatically from the WinArm website.
Information and technical support is provided throughout the whole operation of the complex on demand.
Within the framework of the complex, protocols for data exchange with programs for assessing the degradation of flight performance of aircraft (Boeing and Airbus), monitoring parameters of power plants, oil consumption, etc. have been developed and maintained.


Developers of the complex with 35 years of experience in the field of processing and analysis of flight information have accumulated more than a rich experience, which made it possible to create a complex that ensures the processing of the data of almost all aircraft operated in the Russia, CIS states and abroad. For many types of aircraft express-analysis programs have been developed, which were tested at the State Center "Air Transport Flight Safety".