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    35 years of experience in the field of the accident investigation and flight safety assurance leave no space for questions regarding the compenetce

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    The flight sfety is in our DNA

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Expertise & Confidence

Any of our works is the subject of a dedicated approach to the aspect of the flight saftey assurance. No minor insignificant things exists in this process. Customers trust the FSIT expertise for years.

Technical Support

The support is available for all the subscribers via the web services, E-mails and by phone. System updates are obtained automatically from the WinArm website. Information and technical support is provided throughout the whole operation of the complex on demand. The customer support is our priority.

Innovative approach

Innovations in the software and technologies allow us to feed up the growing demand of our customers worlwide, providing them with the wide variaty of products synchronised with the contemporary technological and legislation trends. As od today, the WinArm32 is the only software in the CIS area, capable of processing information in the ARINC-767 data format of the Boeing-787 aircraft.

Data Driven

The FSIT dolution is a the data-driven approach to the risk mitigation and flight safety assurance designed inline with the ICAO and IATA standards regarding the FDA and SMS implementation.

Quality & Security

All the products are well design to suit strong requests of customers used to work in the flight safety area. The system provides protection against unauthorized access to the data and data deidentification by encryption using HASP keys.


35 years of experience in the field of the accident investigation, flight safety research, processing and analysis of flight information gave more than a rich experience needed. The team of the flight safety people are ready to help.

Flight safety Technologies Innovative

The FSIT is a dynamicaly developing company which is leading in the flight safety technology and SMS related products at CIS market.

The company serves the aim of providing the higly qualified and skilled support to all the aspects of the flight safety arrised by airliners, service providers, design bureaus, MRO, scientific research foundations, and etc.

The history FSIT overview

Featured Works

Our Team

The FSIT has a small and highly skilled team of enthusiastic people with a huge support and expertise from pilots, engineers, investigators. Since 1995 we managed to gather best specialists available at CIS market, who provide customers with an outstanding support today.

The people working for FSIT are well known for years in the flight safety business. We invite best specialists to suit the requirements of the customer.

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